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In this journey, we will head north, to the Albanian mountains also called Albanian Alps. Fabulous sceneries await you in this trip: the visit of the capital, crossing the Komani lake by ferry and enjoying this trip in a region whose beauty is compared to the Norwegian fjords, three hiking days in the Alps, the discovery of the waterfall and Blue Eye in Theth, four nights spent in guesthouses, being in touch with the culture and the local life and the visit of the city of Shkodra.

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Our destination is Thethi valley, which will be reached by driving a furgon. Thethi valley rises at an altitude of 750 m above sea level. Considered by foreign tourists as “Europe’s last Paradise”, the village is located in the northern most part of Shala valley, amongst the Alps offering a fabulous landscape. The area’s natural resources are closely connected with the historic and cultural heritage of local residents, laying in this way the most important foundations for tourism promotion. Once arriving there you are about to be witched by the most breathtaking alpine landscapes We get off the vehicles at a place called Thore’s notch after a nearly 3-hour-drive, 1775 m above sea level, to hike downwards Thethi valley. It is a 1000m descent, at a T3 difficulty level hiking, which lasts approximately 4 hours in the wilderness. Thethi valley’s fantastic landscapes are beyond imagination. Accomodation and Food at hotel Vila Gjecaj or Roza Rupa guesthouse (it depends on your decision).



Our adventure restarts the next morning with the following destination – Nderlyse, where we stop driving to continue with hiking towards the “Blue Eye”. The location of this beauty is down on Kaprre, one of the most beautiful villages in the Alps. On the way to the “Blue Eye” we will be stunned by one of Thethi’s natural beauty, Grunas canyon, one of the jewel canyons in the entire country. The Blue Eye is formed by the erosion of rock by the water flowing down the mountain. This region is one of the rarest in Albania. It is composed of the Black river which is entirely formed from the melting snow in the Alps. This is going to be a relatively easy 3-hour round trip, at a T1 difficulty level hiking. When in this region we are certainly going to be marveled by the fabulous scenery along the Kaprre river. On the way Beck we stop for lunch at Ded Nika Guesthouse in Nderlysa enjoying the traditional food. (optional is the hiking towards Thethi waterfall, one of the most extraordinary natural beauties in the Albanian Alps. The waterfall snow water, which springs from a rock, makes this waterfall unique in its own kind).



This day differs from the others as we are leaving from Thethi towards Valbona valley. We depart from Thethi at an altitude nearly 900m in the direction of Valbona pass, situated at an altitude 1812 m above sea level. At this point of our adventure we will be enjoying remarkable scenery of both valleys. This T3 difficulty level hiking lasts 5 - 6 hours. Accomodation and Food at Kol Gjoni Guesthaus.



After the breakfast we walk around the valley till around 11.30. A furgon is picking us up, we restart our adventure as it is necessary to drive for almost an hour towards Komani Lake. It is the point where we boat the ship and during the 3 hour-sailing we will be acquainted with Komani lake, which closely resembles with Norwegian fjords. The panorama here is considered as a gem of Albanian natural beauties. We will be having lunch at a restaurant along the way to Shkodra tasting the delicious and fresh local cuisine. Around 6-7 p.m we will arrive in Shkodra.

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