December 12, 2018


Multiple choice travel

There are many reasons to travel, and many reasons to travel to Albania. Our travel agency's business portfolio corresponds to this diversity. It covers the demand of groups and of individuals. Albanian Treasures designs and reliably operates local tour programmes as well as round trips through Albania and the countries nearby.

Archeological and cultural tours

Albania's rich archeology is just one of the reasons why this Balkans country is well worth exploring by anyone with an interest in Europe's past. The country has a rich heritage of sites dating to Illyrian, Greek, Roman and Ottoman periods- some of which are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites.

Adventure holiday in Albania

Albania offers many opportunities for hiking walking trips. In North Albania we hike through the fairytale scenery of the rural valley of Valbona & Thethi. The Osumi River canyon is one of the most spectacular natural attractions of Albania. During the spring, high water from melting snow make it possible to explore all 26 km of the canyon from the river. Spring is also the best time to view the many waterfalls in the canyons , which thunder from above as explorers pass below on boats.

Walking-hiking and trekking tours

This tour is for adventurous travelers, with open minds who like staying in guest houses. The trek we offer includes the most scenic routes of the mountains. But that's not all. The tour offers more beautiful scenery - Koman Lake and sailing along the Canyon of Drina River, a trek through the beautiful Valbona Valley, and visits to the Valley of Thethi, as well as cultural sights as the historical town of Kruja and the old Sufi sanctuary, etc.

Albanian Eco Tours

This tour is for people who like to know and be inspired by the local community. You will stay on a farms, guests houses, located in one of the most beautiful places and valleys of the Albanian Alps. Tasks can vary from assisting the mother with preparing the food for the guests, as well as for taking care of the animals, milking, walking the sheep. You can hike in the mountains, sunbathe at the little pond or relax and read a book in one of the most beautiful places of Northen Albania.

Albania Riviera Tour

Albania's rugged coastline, with traditional villages nestled in isolated bays and golden beaches lapped by turquoise waters, was a revelation when travelers first started discovering the country a decade ago. Since then Europe's last untouched beaches have changed almost beyond recognition, but there's still plenty of reasons to come here and explore this magnificent coastline where the Adriatic and lonian seas meet.